Application optimized solutions


We work closely with our developer partners to deliver optimized solutions, both technically and with the revenue model.

Adding Promptxt text messaging to an application can help in keeping ahead of the competition, enhancing the company's image and adding a new revenue stream and most importantly delivering a feature that users value and need. By working closely with our software application partners we have developed both technological and business solutions that can be tailored to meet both partner and the user needs.

We can either develop a link to our gateway specifically for an individual application or an "off the shelf" solution can be used, see documents for specifications.

Linking to the Promptxt gateway allows:

We are able to offer competitive reseller rates to partners wishing to handle end user billing or we can bill the end user and pay a commission providing usage reports for each user.

We offer discounted message rates for customers using the Promptxt gateway who do not intend reselling but wish to use the functions for their own usage.

We would be delighted to discuss your individual needs.

Contact us to request more information about our partner solutions and technical specifications.