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Bond Adapt Integration FAQ's

What is Promptxt?
Promptxt is a web based service that can integrate with Bond Adapt to enable text messaging for communicating with candidates and employees.
How integrated is it?
Fully. Records of messages sent are kept in the recipient's file as are replies from the recipient. Messages can be sent to individuals or groups.
How does it work?

The link is via email. In Adapt, click Send Text, the email client will open. Type the message but be sure to leave a blank line after the message. This allows us to strip out any graphics or signatures.

The to address will look like:

Click send.

Replies will be sent back to the original sender's email, they can in turn be replied to so a conversation can be recorded.

How long can a message be?
Standard text messages are 160 characters long including spaces and punctuation. If the message is longer than 160 characters we send it as multiple messages.
How much does it cost?
Promptxt does not charge a set up fee or ongoing account maintenance fees. Just pay for sent messages. The rate is $0.02 per message per recipient. Received messages are free.
What are the payment terms?
Promptxt invoices monthly in arrears, terms 30 days. For usage below $10 per month, in order to avoid small invoices which are inefficient for all, we invoice on an as when needed basis for 500 messages paid up front. Payment can be made by electronic transfer or by check. We can receive payment by credit card via PayPal but we charge a 3% fee per payment to cover handling costs.
Are there discounts for higher volumes?
Yes, we are happy to discuss further discounts for usage greater than 10,000 messages per month.
Is there a way to check messages sent through Promptxt?

Yes, when we open the account, access is available through logging in with a user name and password at

Click sent messages in the menu for a monthly breakdown.

Is it possible to have more than 1 Promptxt account?
For users with more than one branch or multiple individual users, separate Promptxt accounts can be set up, making keeping track of usage easy.
How can Promptxt be set up?
Let us know your details and we'll set up your account. We will send you the to domain so that Bond can complete the set up for Adapt.

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